Parking Programs

The Morristown Parking Authority offers a variety of programs that service the residents
of town and daily parkers including students, full and part time employees and visitors.
These programs are subject to availability, please call for more information at (973) 539-4810.
Interested in a parking program for working or living full-time or part-time near
a MPA facility.  Give us a call for availability! 

 Validation Program is specifically designed for local businesses and their patrons/guests.

Please call MPA office at 973-539-4810 or email help@mpanj.org.


  Morristown High School Student Discount

     Students attending MHS limited space is available (see Facility Rate Schedule below).
The MPA Parking Facility Rate Schedule is subject to rate change. 

All parking space accommodations in our facilities are contingent upon availability.

Please call for more information at (973) 539-4810. Thank you!