Sample Parking Summons
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Parking Summons

We do not enjoy issuing parking tickets, but we do believe in fairness for all.  
The meters in the central business district offer a maximum limit time of two hours.  
The meter limit encourages parker turnover to best support the businesses
in the Central Business District.  For longer visits, shopping and or dining,
we suggest parking in any of our three convenient parking garages
 (Dalton, DeHart or Ann/Bank) Our garages have posted hourly rates that apply.  
I Got A Ticket...Now What?
Parking infractions can be paid in person with the Town of Morristown
(200 South Street, Morristown, NJ) or paid online.  
The Authority has uniformed parking enforcement officers that patrol on foot
 and in vehicles throughout the Central Business District, parking lots, parking garage facilities and permit based residential zones. It is the function of these officers to
ensure compliance and enforce the parking regulations established
by the Town Council for Morristown. 
Ticket Revenue  
The Morristown Parking Authority does not receive any revenue
 from the issuance of Parking Tickets. Ticket revenue is shared
between the Town of Morristown and the State of New Jersey.